Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Along the way, I seem to have unknowingly collected various images of  crystals and minerals. I'm always attracted to the raw beauty that mother nature has to offer us. The wide variety of intense colours and jagged edges means each piece is unique. It wasn't until I saw Chanels Autumn/Winter 2012 impressive Paris catwalk show that I decided to put them all together into one blog post.

Chanel featured a runway of sparkling white granite sand, towering amethyst columns that appeared to shoot out of the ground of the Grand Palais. Beautiful clothing heavily embellished with semi precious stones marched down the runway on models with crystal encrusted eye brows. 

Debra Baxter's Crystal and Brass Knuckle Duster. 

Candrian's fused raw amethyst and quartz ring.

New jewellery designer Jody Candrian uses jagged gemstones in producing 'raw and rocky rings' that are all hand carved in Brazil and are entirely made of stone. Sourcing all of her rocks from her native Arizona, she says that the 'unconventional stone is the foundation for her collections'.

New York based installation artist Jim Hodges has created this 'untitled' reflective boulder installation. Each of the components feature a high-polished stainless steel surface which has been melded onto the surface of a boulder, highlighting the size and curves of the surface of each rock.

Although Hodges does not use any minerals or crystals in his work, the overall effect of combining the high shine steel with the organic and natural shape and surface of the boulder is a very effective mix.

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