Sunday, 5 February 2012

King of His Castle.

Clovis Wilson-Copp

Although originally a country boy from Slad, Gloucestershire, jewellery designer Clovis Wilson-Copp is an East London dweller through and through. His mum is land lady of  The George Tavern pub in the heart of London's east-end, a hub for the local thriving artistic community. We were lucky enough to shoot Casson London's Black Collection in the pub and style with some of Clovis's best pieces.

Clovis currently lives and works in his studio in one of my favourite London buildings, Carradale House neighbour to the Balfron Tower. Designed by modernist Erno Goldfinger and completed in 1965. Its distinctive profile echoed in the later (and more gentrified) Trellick Tower in West London. It dominates all around in contrast to the city's glass towers in the distance. An icon of 1960's concrete architecture, the building's design has raised questions as a symbol of successful social housing because of anti social behaviour and crime in the area.

Sun God Ring

Dream Ring

Gold Watch

Silver Watch

The talented jeweller uses cutting edge rapid prototyping techniques to create his increasingly popular innovative and unique designs. Clovis is fascinated by history and his main style icons are historical figures such as Beau Brummel and the dandy movement. Clovis says "I'm also inspired by street style and love a bit of East London schmutter".

The Dons Gun Ring

Star Ring
 As well as the designers more technically complex and intricate pieces he also creates simpler but wonderfully crafted pieces. Their imperfections and wobbly lines give a feel of a real story behind each piece. Seeing it all together as a collection you almost feel like you've discovered a pirates treasure chest. There's a lot more to come from this new British designer.
Solid Gold Skull Ring

Silver Swallow Ring

Gold Leopard Ring

Eagle Belt Buckle

Wolf Head Belt Buckle

Solid Silver Wolf Head Ring

Solid Silver Skull Ring

Crown Ring

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